As you ramp up for the 2022 holiday season, use this guide to fully leverage your Concierge agents.

Key dates

We recommend adding these checklist items to your plan for the holiday season. This will keep your Concierge agents informed of sales and events to upsell customers with.

Date range Checklist
Now through November 10:
  • Share holiday and promotional schedules with Concierge to keep agents fully informed and ready to support your key sales!
  • Check out our Texts We Love section below and plan out any updates to existing journey copy.
November 15 through start of Holiday Sale
Start of sale period through end of sale period
  • Keep Concierge informed of any changes to sale plans/scheduling.
End of holiday period
  • Revert message copy back to normal.

Inform agents of promotional updates

Be sure to keep your Concierge agent up to date on all of your promotions, exclusions, and special offers throughout the holiday season. By equipping our agents with the most up to date information, we are better able to serve your subscribers, convert customers, and save you time while you focus on other strategic initiatives during the holiday season!

Plan a Concierge-focused campaign

When creating your campaign, we recommend optimizing it for Concierge with the following:

  • Maximize message engagement using an open ended question. Prompting subscribers to reply increases engagement rates and opens the door for personalized experiences.
  • Incorporate your agent persona in your messages. Adding the {agentName} macro to your message allows you to personalize the experience, and invite subscribers to engage with your agents.
  • Use prebuilt templates with optimized copy. Leveraging these for sitewide sales, product launches, and VIP customers ensures that your campaigns are optimized for Concierge.
  • Turn on Concierge for campaigns. If you haven’t done so already, please ensure your subscribers can respond to campaigns in your Concierge Settings.

Concierge Holiday Texts We Love

Need an idea? Check out these Texts We Love:


  • Hey, I’m Sarah, your personal shopping assistant! Can I help you fill up your wishlist or find a gift for someone else?
  • Hey, Sarah here! I see you left something in your cart! Don’t get behind on your holiday shopping. Can I help you find the perfect gift?
  • Hope you’re having a great Black Friday! I saw you didn’t complete your checkout. Any questions I can answer before our best deals of the year expire?
  • Need last minute gift ideas? Text back for assistance from our secret shopper crew! - Jordan
  • Hey, Sarah here! Saw you checking out some great products. {productLink} I’m here to help save the day with last minute gift ideas. Text me back if you have any questions!
  • Happy holidays! We miss you! Come back and treat yourself or someone special with {couponCode} this holiday season.

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