Use cases: Text-to-Buy campaigns

Before you begin: This article highlights some of the most important factors in building a successful Text-to-Buy campaign, and it assumes that you’re already familiar with how Text-to-Buy campaigns and that you’ve already completed the setup process for your brand. If you haven’t yet, you may want to check out the following before proceeding:

You will not be able to send a Text-to-Buy campaign until you’ve completed setting up Text-to-Buy for your brand.

As you get started creating Text-to-Buy campaigns, we recommend leveraging Text-to-Buy to for many of your promotions. Use this guide to leverage Text-to-Buy in upsells, product announcements, replenishment campaigns, and other offers. 

Drive Shop Pay authentications as a first step

To build an effective Text-to-Buy program, make sure your most valuable subscribers have Shop Pay accounts. After a subscriber completes their first Text-to-Buy purchase from your brand, their account is authenticated and they can complete future purchases directly from your campaign. Because of this, it's get as many subscribers as possible to authenticate their Shop Pay accounts early on. 

To do so, we recommend promoting products at discounted rates that are double your welcome offer's rate. For example, if your welcome offer is 15% off, we recommend offering a product at 30% off. 

Upsell products

Using Text-to-Buy, you can target a segment of your subscribers to upsell them on a similar product, variant, or upgrade. 

upsell campaign

First message Follow-up

[Product Name] is now on sale! Get [Product] for just [Price] (% off) + shipping!

Reply [Keyword] to get yours now!

How did you like [Product name]? You can get a full-sized version for [Price] (% off) + shipping if you reorder today!

Reply [Keyword] to get yours now!


Offer a try-before-you-buy product

In our experience, the Try-before-you-buy products use case performs similarly to the replenishment use case. We recommend leveraging your historical repurchase period in order to inform when you reach out to customers to up-sell them to the full-sized version of the product.

Using Text-to-Buy for a Try-before-you-buy is especially effective when the “try-sized” version of the product is heavily discounted. Once a customer makes their initial purchase and authenticates their Shop Pay account it becomes much easier to convert them to the ‘full-sized’ version of the product in future Text-to-Buy campaigns!


  • Our new earth-friendly lip balm is here - try it out for only $1!

    Reply CLEANSER to get yours now.

  • Do you love our new earth-friendly lip balm as much as we do? Get a full-sized lip balm for 10% off when you reply-to-buy!

    Reply EARTH to get your full-sized lip balm now.

try-before-you-buy campaigns

Important: Make sure to segment only on subscribers who purchased the product in the previous campaign!

Promote replenishment

In all of our testing of our Text-to-Buy product so far, we’ve seen products that have a clear replenishment cycle perform the best. You should think of these Text-to-Buy messages as an alternate way to commit a customer to a subscription - with a lower barrier of entry due to the actual lack of commitment to a subscription. We recommend leveraging your past purchase data to inform the timing of these messages.

A high-performing message series should include two key messages:

  • First message: Promote the replenishable product. We recommend that this message be significantly discounted (i.e. 20%+ reduction in price) in order to get customers to commit to the first purchase & to convert them into Text-to-Buy subscribers.
  • Follow-up: Remind customers who haven’t completed their purchase. We recommend scheduling this message to align with the typical repurchase time period of your product.

Promote new products and limited product drops

Text-to-Buy is also a fantastic way to capture conversions during new product drop & limited product drop events. These can both be used to drive new Text-to-Buy authentications (especially effective in the case of promoting products that are in high demand, but have low stock), and as a great way to drive revenue from your audience who have already authenticated their Shop Pay account.

We’ve seen discounted and non-discounted products perform well in this use case (i.e. “Get 15% when you purchase ‘this product’ early!). However, we recommend following your brands’ best practices around discounted new or limited products here.


It’s here! Our limited release fasciated haworthia is available for $29.99 + shipping. Be sure to grab one of only 500!

Reply HAWO to get yours now.

limited product promotion campaign

Cross-sell products

Similar to sending Campaigns without Text-to-Buy, Text-to-Buy Campaigns are a great tool for upselling and cross selling across your product catalog. We recommend targeting a segment of your list that has recently been purchased using Text-to-Buy, and trying to cross-sell them a complementary product, similar product, or another product variant.


We have the perfect pairing for your daily lotion: Our coral-safe sunscreen! Get yours for 15% off - $24.99 + shipping. Great for surf days!

Reply CORAL to get yours now!

cross-sell campaign

Promote single products

Text-to-Buy performs really well when you’re promoting a single product (with pre-selected variants if applicable). You can leverage these for the following use cases:

  • Generate immediate revenue: Send a Text-to-Buy campaign leveraging an offer that's similar to your current offers. 
  • Increase authenticated Shop Pay users: Send a product promotion with a significant discount to incentivize subscribers to authenticate their Shop Pay accounts. 

When promoting single products, we recommend segmenting on subscribers who haven't purchased the product before. 


Drink the best water you’ve ever tasted - get our CleanWater 2.0 water filtration system with three free filter replacements today for 20% off: only $59.99 + shipping!

Reply CLEAN to get yours now.

product promotion campaign

Important: Sending Text-to-Buy Campaigns may take longer than typical campaign messages. As a result, we highly recommend leveraging Attentive’s segmentation tools and sending to a segment size of 100k or less to reduce send time and to optimize for performance.

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