FAQs: Leveraging Concierge for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

As you and your team ramp up for the 2022 holiday season, use this guide to answer frequently-asked questions about how Concierge agents can help you.

What are agents’ holiday working hours?

Holiday working hours remain the same as normal working hours for Concierge agents. This is from 8:00 am - 12:00 am EST, 7 days a week.

What's the capacity for Concierge agents?

The Concierge team has been planning for the increased volume throughout Black Friday / Cyber Monday. Multiple initiatives will allow agents to support clients while keeping response times down. This includes:

  • Increased agent capacity: Concierge has been scaling their team of agents throughout the year to ensure we have the necessary agent capacity and that agents have had time to ramp up before the holidays.
  • Enhanced agent platform: We’re constantly rolling out advancements in the Agent UI to increase efficiency and productivity per agent.

What’s the best way to inform agents of promotion changes, deadlines, and other updates?

You can use the Promotions tab to inform agents of upcoming changes, deadlines, and other updates. This allows you to compile the information, add coupons, and configure when Concierge agents receive the update. 

For all other Black Friday and Cyber Monday inquiries, please email your dedicated Concierge CSM and include our Concierge general inbox concierge@attentivemobile.com.


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