FAQs: Text-to-Buy

What is Text-to-Buy?

Text-to-Buy is a message you can send to subscribers that enables you sell products via text message, and allows subscribers to complete their purchase without leaving their messaging app.


 After subscribers authenticate with Shop Pay and after interacting with their first Text-to-Buy campaign, customers can complete purchases across any shared Attentive x Shopify brand without having to leave their text message app. Setting up Attentive Text-to-Buy messages is completely self-serve, allowing you to launch your Text-to-Buy program quickly.

Are shoppers interested in buying via text?

Yes! We’ve seen strong conversion rates across multiplebrands and across a variety of verticals. Shoppers, on average, converted significantly higher using Attentive’s Text-to-Buy campaigns when compared to one-time campaign messages.

While we'll continue iterating Text-to-Buy campaigns and assessing their performance, they perform exceptionally well right now – especially for replenishment use cases. We’re excited to continue to test and support a variety of different use cases for our customers.

Are Text-to-Buy messages more expensive than other messages?

Text-to-Buy campaigns are billed at the same rate as other one-time messages, and there is no additional fee.

That said, when subscribers reply to Text-to-Buy messages, they are sent follow-up messages which are also billed at your current SMS/MMS rate.

Are there any special product requirements for customers using Text-to-Buy?

Yes. Shop Pay must be enabled and correctly configured on your Shopify store. You must also have order confirmaton texts configured for your Shopify store. For instructions, see Set up Text-to-Buy for your brand.

How will Shop Pay work with my loyalty program?

Currently, Text-to-Buy campaigns don't support integration with loyalty programs.

Optionally, you can reach out to your CSM to ensure that your current loyalty members won’t be targeted in Text-to-Buy campaigns.

Do subscribers who already have a Shop Pay account have to authenticate again?

All subscribers must go through the authentication flow the first time they interact with a Text-to-Buy campaign you send with Attentive. You can see the subscriber experience for both new and existing Shop Pay subscribers here.

Note that this initial friction can cause performance on initial Text-to-Buy campaigns to be slightly lower than standard SMS campaigns, but it’s important to build out your list of authenticated Shop Pay subscribers now to boost Text-to-Buy conversions later.

From our testing, we’ve seen that the biggest improvements in Text-to-Buy campaigns over one-time message campaigns begin when subscribers can complete purchases without leaving their messaging app, which only happens after the subscriber has authenticated with Shop Pay.

Is there any benchmark data?


We've seen Text-to-Buy outperform standard Campaign CVR by 60% for authenticated Shop Pay subscribers. Stay tuned for more benchmarks, though – we’ll share more of them with you as we continue to test Text-to-Buy campaigns at scale.

What kinds of products can I promote with Text-to-Buy campaigns?

You can promote single variant products as well as a single variation of a multivariant product. For more, check out our best practices for selecting Text-to-Buy campaigns.

Can you promote multiple products at the same time with Text-to-Buy campaigns?

You can promote one product at a time with Text-to-buy campaigns. We've heard this from other customers and it's definitely on our radar!

How does the setup process work to start leveraging Text-to-Buy?

Check out Set up Text-to-Buy for your brand.

How are conversions counted for Text-to-Buy Campaigns?

Conversions are attributed to Text-to-Buy campaigns the same way they are for other campaigns, which you can read more about here.

If you’d like to view conversions that were driven from Text-to-Buy campaigns, head to your Shopify store and view reports that break down conversions by channel. The conversions tied to the Sales Channel are the ones that came from Text-to-Buy!

How do Text-to-Buy Order Confirmation texts work?

We highly recommend leaving Text-to-Buy Order Confirmation texts enabled to avoid confusion for subscribers. Text-to-Buy Order Confirmation texts provide the following:

  • Confirms the subscriber’s order went through successfully
  • Provides subscribers a link to view their order confirmation on Shopify
  • Allows them to visit the Shop Pay app to track their delivery status

If you’re using Order Confirmed transactional messages with Attentive or another provider and would prefer to use those instead, contact your CSM.

Should I include a short link in Text-to-Buy campaigns?

No, you should not include shortlinks in Text-to-Buy campaigns. Each Text-to-Buy message you send includes everything subscribers need to complete their purchase. Including shortlinks (or other personalizations) can negatively impact performance and cause reporting inaccuracies.


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