Holiday best practices: Text-to-Buy

We’ve put together a short guide covering our Text-to-Buy best practices around the holiday season. We highly recommend following this guide as you continue to build out your Text-to-Buy calendar.

Important: We don’t recommend sending Text-to-Buy campaigns on Black Friday or Cyber Monday as MMS campaigns could be downgraded to SMS campaigns during this time due to increased message volumes. When MMS messages are downgraded to SMS, media quality may be lowered or not appear in the message at all.

Important holiday (& Text-to-Buy) tips

  • Since the holidays and Black Friday/Cyber Monday are discount-heavy times of the year, we highly recommend using this time to grow the number of authenticated Shop Pay users you have. This will help to ensure great performance during the holiday season and set you up for increased revenue heading into the new year.
  • Text-to-Buy performs best for replenishment, back-in-stock, and time-sensitive, discounted promotions. We recommend testing out these use cases during the holiday period, but don’t forget to send to a targeted list!
  • You should leverage Text-to-Buy for single-product promotions only. For site-wide sales, use one-time campaigns instead.
  • Keep in mind that you can currently promote products without a variant, like a keychain, or pre-determined variants like your best-selling moisturizer in small size in Text-to-Buy campaigns.

Key dates for Text-to-Buy campaigns

While the holidays are a great time to grow your list of Authenticated Shop Pay users, please adhere to the guidelines below to ensure you’re optimizing performance and delivering on a strong subscriber experience.

Date Guidance
Prior to Black Friday
  • Focus on growing your list of authenticated users by promoting your bestsellers to targeted segments. Learn more here.
  • Check out Texts We Love for inspiration!
On Black Friday and Cyber Monday
  • We recommend that you do not send Text-to-Buy campaigns on Black Friday and Cyber Monday
  • MMS campaigns may be downgraded to SMS if there are carrier sending delays. Since including images are one of the main levers to drive performance on Text-to-Buy, we don’t recommend scheduling Text-to-Buy campaigns on these peak days.
  • You’re still growing your list of authenticated users.
After Cyber Monday 
  • Send exclusive deals via Text-to-Buy campaigns to entice your subscribers to authenticate for long term success on the product!

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