Best practices: When you should send messages

Best Practices for Marketing Message Sending

  • The CTRs of marketing messages tend to be relatively constant throughout the day, peaking slightly in the afternoon (1-5pm EST) and night (after 6pm EST).
  • Revenue per message is 33% higher for message sent after 1pm EST vs. in the early morning (before 9am EST)
  • For the best performance when sending early or late, use Attentive’s time zone-based message sending feature. This allows you to deliver a scheduled message to subscribers based on their local time zone. The functionality scans the geographic info for your message audience and automatically adjusts the send time for each subscriber to align with the six different US time zones.
  • Marketing messages sent over the weekend drive higher CTRs than those sent on weekdays.
  • Weekdays see higher revenue per message than weekends.

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