Create a one-time message campaign

With campaigns, you can send individual messages to your subscribers. These are useful for communicating specific events, such as upcoming promotions and restocked items.

Follow the instructions below to create a one-time message campaign:

  1. At the top-right corner of the Campaigns page, click + Create campaign.
  2. Select One-time SMS message, then Continue. The Set up your campaign page appears.
  3. In the Campaign name field, enter an internal-facing name for the message.
  4. Below Who will you send this campaign to?, select a segment of subscribers to send this campaign to.
  5. (Optional) Add tags to your campaign to help track the subscribers.
  6. Select Use Smart Sending to exclude customers who recently received a one-time message.
  7. Click Save & continue.

Your one-time campaign message is created. Now, you can design your campaign to customize copy and multimedia for your subscribers. When you are satisfied, send your campaign to the configured segments.

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