Create discount codes with Popwallet

Using both sign-up units and welcome journeys, you can send Attentive messages with an embedded Popwallet “Popcode,” which sends an iPhone or Android wallet card to your subscribers for them to scan in-store or use online.


You need a properly formatted .CSV file containing a list of unique Popcodes for each subscriber. The file should contain a single column, with no header and no space. To see an example, refer to Create unique discount codes.

Step 1. Collect your Popcode from Popwallet

Complete the following steps:

  1. Log in to your Popwallet account and click the Popcards icon in the side navigation bar.


  2. Copy and save the Popcode that you plan to use as your discount code in Attentive.


Step 2. Create discount codes with Popwallet

After you collect the Popcode from Popwallet, complete the following steps on the Attentive platform:

  1. Navigate to Offers on the side menu.
  2. On the Offers page, click + Create offer.


  3. On the Choose an offer type window, select Unique discount codes.


  4. On the Create unique discount codes page, enter a Discount name.
    Note: Best practice is something that indicates the discount such as "10% Off." There is a five character minimum.

  5. Click Select file and select the .CSV file of your Popwallet Popcodes.

  6. (Optional) Enter a Description.

  7. Under Discount Link, slide the Add auto-apply link toggle switch on (if it’s not already on).

  8. Enter the following Destination URL:{coupon}&offer=<popwallet_code>&attentive_domain=<attentive_domain>
  9. Replace the following parameters in the URL:

    Parameter Description Example Required
    <popwallet_code> The Popcode. This was collected in Step 1. 30-off-exclusive-XXXXXXXXX Required
    <attentive_domain> Your Attentive domain. Required

    You can add an expiration date to your URL.

    It must be formatted in ISO 8601 UTC format.

    2020-11-10T11:05:00.000Z Optional

    The URL should resemble the following examples:

    Without an expiration date:{coupon}&offer=30-off-exclusive-XXXXXXXXX&

    With an expiration date:{coupon}&offer=30-off-exclusive-XXXXXXXXX&

  10. (Optional) Enter the UTM parameters that are relevant to you in the various UTM fields.
    Note: The UTM_Source and UTM_Medium fields may be auto-filled for you based on what you have set up under Settings > Google Analytics.

    A preview of the auto-apply URL that you’re building displays on the right side of the page.


  11. Click Create.
    A success message displays. You can now add these discount codes when working with sign-up units and welcome journeys.


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