Create a discount code within Shopify (not automatic discount)

With the Attentive and Shopify integration, you can sync unique discount codes directly from Shopify into the Attentive platform. Once you have your discount code, the External ID can be found in the URL.

Note: For International implementations with one Shopify store, a separate discount needs to be created for each Attentive account. You can’t reuse the same Shopify discount in multiple Attentive accounts.
Note: You must grant permission in Shopify to Attentive to use Shopify discount codes. Follow these instructions from Shopify to grant permission.

Follow the instructions below to create a discount code in your Shopify store. 

  1. Navigate to Offers on the side menu.
  2. On the Offers page, click + Create offer.


  3. On the Choose an offer type window, select Integrated discount codes.
    Note: This option only displays if the integration with Shopify is already set up on the Marketplace tab. See the Shopify Setup Guide for details.


  4. On the Create integrated discount codes page, add the following information about the discount code:
    • Discount name: Best practice is something that indicates the discount such as "10% Off." There is a five character minimum.

    • External ID: found on the Discounts page in your Shopify store. Click the relevant discount and copy the ID from the URL.

      Code format: This value must include the {RAND} variable, which will be replaced by six random characters. Note that this must not contain any spaces.
    • (Optional) Description

  5. (Optional) You can set the discount code to be automatically applied for your customers at checkout.

    1. Under Discount Link, slide the Add auto-apply link toggle switch on (if it’s not already on).

    2. If the Destination URL isn’t auto-filled:

      1. Click the tooltip, which explains when to use this field as well as an example formatted URL.

      2. Complete the Destination URL field.
        Note: Be sure to add “{coupon}” in place of the discount code. When the link is included in a text message, “{coupon}” is replaced with the integrated discount code.

    3. (Optional) Enter the UTM parameters that are relevant to you in the various UTM fields.
      Note: The UTM_Source and UTM_Medium fields may be auto-filled for you based on what you have set up under Settings > Google Analytics.
      For example, Shopify supports auto-apply using the format (with UTMs added):{coupon}?utm_source=attentive&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=welcome

    A preview of the auto-apply URL that you’re building displays on the right side of the page.


  6. Click Create.
    A success message displays. You can now add this discount code when working with sign-up units and welcome journeys.


  7. Wait ~5-10 minutes to ensure that discount codes are being generated. You’ll be able to see how many are remaining on the Offers screen.

    Note: We automatically generate new discount codes once you reach 1,000 remaining.

See our Create auto-generated discount codes video for more details.

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