Reports library

Reports library

In the Reports library, you can generate (generated reports) and review (visual reports) reports about message performance, billable spend, and more.

The Reports library is divided into two sections: Visual reports and Generated reports.

Visual reports section of Reports library.

Visual reports

The Visual reports section is where you can view and export a variety of reports within the Attentive user interface. Click on a report’s name to see charts and tables where you can specify date ranges and grouping options to help you See Visual reports for more information.

Generated reports

Below Visual reports is the Generated reports section. This is where you can generate a new report, schedule a report, and view recently generated reports. Generated reports are emailed to you as a single or multi-tab Excel file and can be sent on a recurring schedule. Note that you may have different report tiles to choose from depending on your involvement in beta programs or other initiatives.

Generated reports section of Reports library.

To review reports that have already been generated, click the Recently generated tab, and then click Download Report on the report you want to review. Note that all reports are CSV files.

Recently downloaded tab of Generated reports section.

You can also click Set Up Scheduled Reports, which lets you generate a new report at a frequency you set and add it to the Recently Generated tab when it’s ready for review.

Setting up a scheduled report

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