Videos in campaigns

If you use a shortcode or toll-free number, you can add MP4 videos to your campaign messages. This can be in the form of a native video or audio file or a video preview link.

If your video message doesn’t need sound, we recommend adding it as a GIF.


Native audio or video files

Native files play when the subscriber clicks them. These appear directly in the message that subscribers receive. Native files are supported by Android and iOS devices and appear regardless of whether you’re a contact in the subscriber’s phone. Native audio or video files must be 600KB or less.

Video preview links direct the subscriber to an external video file that subscribers on iOS devices can view. These only appear on devices that save your brand as a contact. The video link tracks clicks, therefore you don’t need to add a shortlink. Attentive prices these as MMS messages.

Videos with preview links must include the following:

  • Link URL
  • MP4 video (up to 8 MB)
  • Fallback image (up to 300 KB)
  • Video preview title

iOS vs. Android

iOS and Android devices process messages with preview links differently and display the following differences in behavior:

  iOS Android
Video links Only display the video if the subscriber added your number to their contacts Don’t support Attentive's video format or fallback images. Subscribers only see the message text.
Contact cards Support contact cards. Subscribers must save your contact to see videos with preview links. Newer devices support contact cards. However, subscribers still don’t see a video with a preview link until they save the contact card.
When a video message doesn’t display The message only displays the link. The message only displays the text.

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