Campaign templates

When designing your campaign, you can use one of our templates as a starting point for any of the topics below. Each template contains prewritten messages that adhere to best practice guidelines for that type of campaign. 

  • Site-wide sale: Promote an online sale and optionally include discounts in your message.
  • Product launch: Promote the launch of your new product.
  • Back in stock: Inform subscribers that their favorite products are available for purchase.
  • VIP: Send unique promotions or early access information to your VIP subscribers.
  • Winback: Send unique promotions to your less active subscribers.
  • Brand affinity: Promote your brand’s charitable causes and actions with messages and offers.
  • Holiday: Create a themed promotion for a specific holiday or season.

You can preview each of the template. After selecting a template, we recommend adjusting the copy to ensure it fits with your brand’s identity and messaging goals.


Create a new campaign with a template

  1. On the Campaigns page, click + Create campaign.
  2. Click Select a message template, and then click Continue. The Campaign Templates page appears. 
  3. Browse the templates and categories. When you have found a template, hover over it and click Use template.
  4. Set up your campaign. For more information, see create a campaign
  5. When designing the campaign, replace the bracketed text. Click the buttons below to incorporate multimedia and personalization in the message.  

When you are satisfied with the campaign, you can send a test campaign to yourself, and then schedule the campaign.

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