Customize brand styles

Set up your brand styles to customize your sign-up units with logos, fonts, and brand colors. Each of these settings will apply to your sign-up units by default. However, you can update these at any time. When you update these styles, they only apply to future sign-up units. 

To customize your brand styles, follow these steps: 

  1. Go to Settings > Brand Assets. The Edit Brand Styles page appears. 
  2. Below Logo, upload a PNG image of your company's logo. This image should have a transparent background and be at least 24px tall.
  3. Below Fonts, upload a primary and secondary font using one of the following file formats:
    • .ttf
    • .woff
    • .woff2
    • .otf
  4. Below Colors, enter the color code for the Background, Text, Button, and Button Text on your sign-up unit. You can preview these colors to the right. 
  5. When you are satisfied with your brand style, click Save.

After you save your changes, the styling will reflect in all future sign-up units. You can access these settings when designing your sign-up unit.

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