FAQs: Shopify checkout started trigger

What is the checkout started trigger?

A new trigger that allows you to build a journey that enters subscribers when a subscriber starts a checkout flow in Shopify.

How does Attentive know when customers start the checkout process?

To maximize Attentive’s ability to identify your customers and enter them into a checkout started journey, we track in real-time when a customer starts or updates their checkout through Shopify.

For many of your pre-existing customers, we can identify them immediately based on their Shopify customer information, like their email or phone number.

However, for new or pre-existing customers shopping on a new device, we may only be able to identify them once they enter additional information, like their email address or phone number, during the checkout flow. To help ensure that those customers enter checkout started journeys, we track in real-time when a customer updates their checkout in Shopify, and use this information to identify customers who we previously could not.

Shopify also tracks “Abandoned Checkouts.” Is that the same as a checkout started journey in Attentive?

Shopify abandoned checkouts are different, and those events are created by Shopify when a customer starts a checkout but does not complete the purchase.

With the checkout started, we enter subscribers into a journey as soon as they begin the checkout flow, giving you the ability to define what it means for a customer to abandon their checkout, including how long a customer has and what actions they must (not) take before the checkout is abandoned.

When you create a Shopify checkout started journey, you can use a combination of wait and branch steps to set exactly when customer carts are considered abandoned.

What are best practices for using checkout started journeys?

We recommend multiple ways to use this trigger depending on your marketing program and other existing journeys. For more, check out Best practices: Shopify checkout started trigger.

Is there a prebuilt journey for this trigger?

Yes! You can find a pre-built journey that follows our best practices by going to the Journeys tab, clicking Create journey, and selecting the Checkout Abandonment tile.

Can I filter out subscribers from a cart abandoner who also abandon their checkout?

Yes! You can now branch on “has started a checkout” in any journey, allowing you to (not) target those clients with messages in a journey.

Can I branch on product data like name and collection associated with my subscribers at checkout?

Currently no, but we’re working on it!

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