Design your campaign

After you create a new campaign, use the Design tab to craft your message. You can include multimedia, personalization, and links to increase engagement. As you create the message, the preview screen on the right updates in real time. c-dsgn-preview-update.gif As you type your campaign message, the bottom-right corner of the message field displays your total character count and the number of messages you will be billed for. This includes:

  • Automatically-appended opt-out language for AT&T subscribers
  • Number of remaining characters before the campaign becomes two texts

Multimedia, including images and emojis, may affect this price.

Toll-free numbers: Opt-out language is required in each campaign message that you send to AT&T subscribers. We automatically add the {unsubscribe} personalization in each message for these subscribers. If you choose to customize the personalization, make sure your copy is clear for subscribers. 

Create your campaign message

Follow the steps below to create your messaging and variations:

  1. In the Message field, type your campaign copy. Click the following buttons to add media:
    • plus-35.png Media: Add one or more of the following to your message: image, GIF, native MP4 audio or video file (600KB), MP4 video preview link (8MB), or virtual contact card.
    • emoji-35.png  Emoji: One or more emojis.
    • link-35.png  Links: A shortened URL to a website which can include Google Analytics tracking.
    • personal-35.png Personalization: Shopify only. Subscriber-specific details to a message, like their first name, last name, or their full name. For more, see Add personalization to your messages.
    • offer-35.png  Offers: A special offer, sale code, or other type of discount. You can use existing offers, or create a new one. For more, see Create offers.
  2. If you are creating an A/B test campaign, enter a variation name. This is internal-facing only. Additional tabs are displayed above the message box for each variation. Click on the Variation tabs and repeat Step 1 for each variation.
  3. Preview your message on the right side of the page. When satisfied, click Save & continue.

After you have configured and designed your campaign, we recommend testing the campaign. When you are satisfied, send the campaign to your subscribers.

Test your campaign message

After you configure your campaign settings and display, we recommend sending yourself a test.

  1. On the Design page, navigate to the mobile device preview.
  2. Click Send text message. A popup appears.
  3. Enter one or more phone numbers to send the test campaign to. Alternatively, select Send text message to all company users to send it to your colleagues.
  4. Click Send text.

If you add personalization to your messages, the test message will not display the personalized fields. Instead, they will display the field name in brackets, as pictured below.

Best practices for designing your campaign

When designing your campaign, we recommend following these steps to engage more subscribers:

  • Include a short link: Short links give your subscribers a direct way to engage with your content. Whether you’re linking to a specific product or a page of special offers, you should always include a short link in your campaign message.
  • Message copy is personalized with subscriber details: Use personalization macros to make your campaigns feel more human by including the name of the subscriber.
  • Include an offer or incentive: Offers and discounts help push subscribers from readers to purchasers, and can have a huge impact on the success of your campaigns.
  • Engage subscribers with an image, video, or gif: More than half of consumers say that they are more likely to make a purchase if a message includes a gif, image, or video. Looking for inspiration on how best to use media in your campaigns? Check out Texts we Love.
  • Test the message: Although Attentive’s campaign builder preview is really good, you should always send yourself a test message to make sure your campaign looks exactly how you want it to look. What looks great on a desktop browser screen may not always translate to a mobile device.

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