Wheel elements

You can customize the wheel elements in a Spin-to-Win sign-up unit.

Before you begin

This article is part of designing your sign-up unit. See Design a sign-up unit for more information.

Edit wheel elements

  1. Expand the Wheel elements section to set up options unique to the spinning wheel.
    Caution: As you design, be aware that Attentive’s ADA accessibility checks don't apply to Spin-to-Win sign-up templates. See ADA Compliance for more information.
    • Section Repetitions
      Note: You can have up to 3 sections.
    • Spin Time
    • Wheel Speed
    • Center Color
    • Ticker Color
    • Background Color
    • Spoke Color
    • Center Text
    • Wheel Text Style
    • Element section: Add the number of offers, e.g., 10%, 8%, 6% that will appear on the wheel. 

Note: You can create up to 5 elements.
Note: Check that you have an offer set up to use with the Spin-to-Win unit. This offer will be the “winner,” i.e., the discount amount that the wheel is designed to land on. You’ll enter the amount on the offer as Element One when you design the wheel. 

As you make changes, the image on the right changes to show you how your wheel will look. When you’re satisfied with the wheel design, click Save and continue.

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