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This article assumes that you’ve already onboarded with Attentive Concierge™ and understand how Concierge works. If you haven’t yet, you may want to check out the following before proceeding:

We’re confident that your Concierge program will be a huge improvement to your messaging program, but we’re also confident that you’ll want to see the data to back up that assertion.

Attentive includes a suite of reports that you can use to assess the performance of your Concierge program and your Concierge agents, giving you the data you need to make good decisions about your messaging program.

You can view data for your Concierge program in the Reports library in Attentive, or you can download .csv files of your data to use in other programs.

Looking for a list of Concierge metrics? Check out Concierge report metrics.

You should know

  • Concierge reporting data is only available for dates after February 2, 2022.
  • The reports you see in the Reports library depend on a variety of settings for your account.
    When you filter on a date range, all of the data shown in the report occurred within that date range.
  • Exported reports also preserve the date range you filter on. Setting the date range to Last 7 days exports data only for the most recent seven days, setting the date range to Last month exports data only for the last 30 days, and so on.
  • Reports are exported as .csv files, which you can open in Google Sheets, Excel, or other spreadsheet software.
  • For reporting purposes, Concierge conversations “end” 48 hours after subscribers receive the last message sent by a Concierge agent.

Access Concierge reports

  1. Go to Reports.
  2. Click the Reports library tab.
  3. On the Concierge tile, click the name of the report you want to view.

Available Concierge reports

The following Concierge reports are available:

Concierge Performance Summary


The Concierge Performance Summary report shows you data about the conversions, revenue, and general productivity attribute to your Concierge agents. Use it to understand the business and revenue impact of your Concierge program.

Concierge Conversation Summary


The Concierge Conversation Summary report shows you data about the conversations your Concierge agents are having across different types of messaging. Use it to understand where most of your Concierge agents are spending their time and which messaging channels perform the best for your brand.

Concierge Support Summary


The Concierge Support Summary report shows you data about support messages, escalations, and resolutions your agents sent to subscribers. Use it to understand the effectiveness of your Concierge program, as well as how much time it saved your brand by you not having to manage support messages yourself.

LiveSMS performance


The LiveSMS Performance report shows you data about your program’s LiveSMS performance. Use this report to understand how many conversations are starting via LiveSMS, how much revenue LiveSMS generates for your brand, how much time its saving your support team, and more.

Concierge Performance by Journey

The Concierge Performance by Journey report shows you performance data for each Concierge-enabled journey. Use this report to uncover trends, outliers, and discover new best practices for the best ways to utilize Concierge in journeys for your brand.

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