Launch a Concierge VIP journey

This article assumes that you’ve already onboarded with Attentive Concierge™ and understand how Concierge works. If you haven’t yet, you may want to check out the following before proceeding:

With Concierge VIP journeys, you can leverage people-powered Concierge messages to give your best, most-engaged subscribers personalized and exclusive messaging experiences. Subscribers who've made at least one purchase from you in the past year are considered VIP subscribers. When speaking to VIP subscribers, Concierge agents focus on providing product recommendations, giving offers and discounts at key moments, and giving subscribers a great people-powered conversational experience.

Concierge VIP journeys are about more than just additional sales, though – they’re also a great way to ensure that your subscribers know that help is never more than a text message away.

Launch a VIP subscriber journey

The VIP subscribers journey targets subscribers who've already demonstrated that they want to make purchases from you and focuses on up- and cross-selling techniques while giving them a great conversational experience.

Subscribers enter a VIP purchaser journey when they make at least one purchase from you in a 12-month window.

Once subscribers enter a VIP purchaser journey, they're sent two messages:

  • First message copy:

    Hey {firstName}, [Concierge personal name] here, your personal shopping concierge. Welcome to our exclusive VIP list! 😀

    Thank you for being such a loyal customer, feel free to text me anytime if you have questions or need help! In the meantime, take a look at some of our favorite products: [shortlink]

  • Second message copy, 12 hours after the first

    Hey again, I have a quick tip!

    Make sure to save our contact card, so that you never miss an exclusive VIP offer! - [Concierge persona name]

You’ll get the best results with VIP purchaser journeys if you customize the messages sent to subscribers. Your first message should include a shortlink to your best sellers page or to sign up to be a member at your site. By default, the second message includes a virtual contact card, which saves you as a contact on subscriber devices, making it easier for them to get back in contact with you. You can learn more about contact cards here. Optionally, you can replace the virtual contact card with a different link to your store, membership program, or special offers page.

To launch a Concierge VIP journey:

  1. Go to Journeys.
  2. Click + Create journey.
  3. Select the VIP Purchasers - Concierge prebuilt journey; then click Get started.
  4. To customize the text messages sent, click each of the Send text message steps, update the copy, and then click Save.
  5. Click Turn on in the upper-right corner to launch your journey.

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