Automatically replenish Shopify discount codes

With the Attentive + Shopify integration, you can set up a Shopify discount codes feature so that you can dynamically replenish your Shopify discount codes when they run out.

Note: You must grant permission in Shopify to Attentive to use Shopify discount codes. Follow these instructions from Shopify to grant permission.

View the following video to learn how to automatically generate discount codes with Shopify:

Replenish discount codes

Follow the instructions below to automatically generate discount codes with Shopify:

  1. On the Offers page, click Create Offer.
  2. Select Integrated discount codes. If this option does not appear, set up your Shopify integration before continuing. The Details page appears. 
  3. In the Discount name field, enter an internal-facing name for the discount. We recommend using the same name that you used in Shopify. 
  4. In the External ID field, enter the External ID of the discount from your Shopify account. 
    • To do so, go to Shopify > Discounts. Click on the discount then select the string of numbers at the end of the URL. That string of numbers is the External ID. 
  5. In the Code format field, enter the coupon label you would like to use followed by the {RAND} macro. 
    • {RAND} will be replaced with a unique string of digits for each subscriber; this will be their discount code. 
    • See Offer Distribution to control which codes are valid during a specific time period.
  6. Below Discount link, click Add auto-apply link to automatically apply a discount to the subscriber's purchase when they click the short link in the message. Then, from Shopify, paste the shareable link in the Destination URL field below. Append any desired UTM parameters below for tracking. 
  7. When you are satisfied, click Create. The Add an offer and welcome journey page appears. 
  8. Below Offer, click + Create new to apply an offer to the Shopify discount code. Click Welcome to customize the message copy in which the offer appears. 
  9. When you are satisfied, click Save and close

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