FAQs: Texted-a-keyword journeys

Texted-a-keyword (TAK) journeys are a precursor to more robust, conversational messages. These allow your clients to drive engagement and revenue by turning campaigns into dynamic, two-way conversations with subscribers. Use this guide to address some of the frequently asked questions:

What is the subscriber experience?

Subscribers can opt in to a TAK journey by replying with one of your preconfigured keywords. Oftentimes, these keywords are sent in the form of conversational campaigns to kickstart the journey. Then, you can send them texts with recommendations, additional information, or more conversational messages.

Can I use the same keyword for multiple types of journeys?

At this time, the same keyword can't be used for Text to Join (TTJ) Journeys, Texted-a-keyword Journeys, and the conversational message step. If a TTJ keyword is used within the TAK Journey, a subscriber who texts that TTJ keyword will only receive the standard “already subscribed” message.

How many keywords can I configure for my journey?

Up to 20

How do TAK keywords differ from Text-to-Join keywords?

Text-to-Join (TTJ) keywords function the same as TAK keywords. However, they differ in their triggers. TTJ keywords must be connected to standard welcome journey triggers. However, TAK triggers are connected to their own, “texted a keyword” journey trigger.

How do I get started with TAK Journeys?

  1. Configure a TAK Journey to set up your keywords.
  2. Promote this keyword in subsequent journeys or campaign messages. Make sure to incorporate instructions to reply with the keyword to trigger the journey.
    • EX: Let's get to know you better! What collection are you most interested in? Text back one of the words below: TOPS, BOTTOMS, JACKETS, or EVERYTHING

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