[GA] Enhanced display rules editor

GA release date: Aug 17, 2022

Beta release date: July 29, 2022

The Sign-up Units page has been updated to include a Rules tab that enables you to view or modify the display rules of any sign-up unit (even those that are active!) with a single click. From Sign-up Units, click on Rules to access the new menu.
Click on any of the rows to open up the new drawer menu that shows more detailed information about the sign-up unit’s display rules.
The drawer menu displays in view mode, where you can view all active display rules for that sign-up unit. To edit the sign-up unit’s display rules, click Edit on the drawer menu at the end of the sign-up unit’s row.
On the Edit display rules menu, you can click through two separate tabs: Show rules, and Hide rules. Show rules lists all active display rules set to show the sign-up unit with an option to add new display rules at the end. Hide rules lists all active display rules set to hide the sign-up unit with the option to add new display rules at the end.
From the hamburger menu (More), you can opt to Copy rules from, which prompts you to choose another sign-up unit with display rules that you would like to apply to the selected sign-up unit.

For more information on setting display rules, see Set display rules.

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