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Text-to-Buy campaigns enable you to turn browsers into buyers over text messages without having to visit your store to complete purchases. You can use Text-to-Buy to drive conversions on new product releases and promotions, boost sales by encouraging subscribers to reorder products they’re running low on, and even capture lost revenue with Text-to-Buy cart abandonment messages.


Before you jump in and start creating and launching Text-to-Buy messages, it’s important that you first understand how they work, how to configure them, and how to optimize them for best results.

Below are a series of articles that we’ve prepared to help guide you through the process. You’ll get the best results if you read each of the following in order before you start launching Text-to-Buy campaigns:

  1. What is Text-to-Buy? Learn all about how Text-to-Buy works and what the Text-to-Buy experience looks like for your subscribers.
  2. Set up Text-to-Buy for your brand: Step by step instructions to enable Shop Pay on your Shopify store and ensure that Attentive has all of the information it needs from your Shopify store.
  3. Text-to-Buy best practices and use cases overview: You’ll get the best results with Text-to-Buy if you build your campaigns with our tried and true best practices in mind.
  4. Create and send a Text-to-Buy campaign: Now for the fun part! Learn how to get your first Text-to-Buy campaign off of the ground and generating revenue ASAP.
  5. Review and test your Text-to-Buy campaign: Because Text-to-Buy campaigns pull product data directly from your Shopify store, it’s very important to manually test each Text-to-Buy campaign to make sure everything is working correctly before you send it to subscribers.
  6. Text-to-Buy FAQ: Still have questions? Curious about Text-to-Buy benchmark data or pricing? Aren’t sure if subscribers actually buy products over text message? (Spoiler alert: they do!) We’ve got you covered in the FAQ.

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