What's Text-to-Buy?

One of the most common causes of cart abandonment is the hassle of entering payment and shipping information. Text-to-Buy eliminates this friction by automatically connecting your subscribers' Shop Pay accounts to their SMS numbers. This allows your subscribers to complete a purchase by replying to your Text-to-Buy campaign. 


What's the subscriber's experience?

When subscribers receive a Text-to-Buy message from you, they can reply with a branded keyword to initiate the checkout process on your store. If the subscriber is a first-time buyer, they’re invited to sign up or sign in to Shop Pay. Then, subscribers receive a link that lets them complete their purchase. We’ll also link the subscriber’s Shop Pay account to their mobile number, making it super fast for them to complete subsequent Text-to-Buy purchases.

Click on the gifs below to see the process for first-time and returning buyers:

First-time buyer experience Returning buyer experience



When using Text-to-Buy, you can also incorporate your existing Attentive segments, offer codes, and  current product catalog on Shopify.

How does Text-to-Buy work for my brand?

Text-to-Buy works seamlessly between your Shopify store and your text messaging program with Attentive. Once you Set up Text-to-Buy in your Shopify store and Attentive account, you can immediately begin launching Text-to-Buy campaigns. As subscribers convert to buyers, you can view and fulfill their purchases in your Shopify store. 

Get started

To enable Text-to-Buy for your account:

  1. Activate Shop Pay for your Shopify store.
  2. Configure Shop Pay permissions in Attentive
  3. Message your CSM.
  4. Start launching Text-to-Buy campaigns.

For more information and a full list of resources, see Get started with Text-to-Buy

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