Create and send a Text-to-Buy campaign

Before you begin: This article assumes that you already know how Text-to-Buy works and have configured it for your brand. If you haven’t yet, you should review the following articles before proceeding:

You will not be able to send a Text-to-Buy campaign until you’ve completed setting up Text-to-Buy for your brand.

With Text-to-Buy, you can create and send one-time message campaigns that enable your subscribers to make purchases directly from you by replying to your Text-to-Buy campaigns with a keyword in their messaging app.


Create a Text-to-Buy campaign

  1. On the Campaigns page, click + Create campaign.
  2. Click the Text-to-Buy tile, and then click Continue.
    The Set up your Text-to-Buy campaign page appears.
  3. For the Setup step, complete the following:
    • Text-to-buy campaign name: Enter a name. Subscribers will not see the name of your campaign.
    • Who will you send this Text-to-Buy campaign to? Select segments you want to send this campaign to. You can choose up to ten. You can also click Exclude to further refine your campaign’s audience.
    • Tags: Optionally, enter one or more tags for your campaign.
    • Do you want to use Smart Sending? Select whether you want to exclude subscribers from this campaign who recently received a marketing message from you. Learn more here.

      Click Save & continue when you’re finished setting up your campaign.

  4. For the Configure step, complete the following:
    • What product will you sell? Select or search for the product you want to sell. You can choose from any product on your Shopify store. We strongly recommend reviewing our Text-to-Buy best practices for guidance on which product to select.

      Note: You can include product variants, but each campaign can include only a single variant of a given product. For example, you can include a Medium sized black sweater. If you want to sell a small or large variant of the same sweater, you’ll need to create a separate Text-to-Buy campaign for each.
    • Do you want to offer a discount? (Optional) Select whether you want to offer a discount for purchasing this product via Text-to-Buy.
    • Enter the response keyword: The keyword subscribers must send to initiate the purchase. We recommend keeping your keyword to seven characters or less for the best results.

      Click Save & continue when you’re finished.
  5. For the Design step, you can:
  6. For the Review step you should:
    • Verify that your Text-to-Buy campaign includes the correct product, message copy, and discount.

    • Review the subscriber flow for both subscribers and customers who haven’t linked their Shop Pay account & phone number yet.

      Important: Make sure to test every Text-to-Buy message before sending to ensure that your campaign includes the correct pricing, discounts, products, and copy. Learn more about testing your Text-to-Buy campaigns here.

    • When you're satisfied, click Choose send time and send the campaign to your subscribers.

      Note: Text-to-Buy Campaign messages take longer to send than typical campaign messages. As a result, we recommend leveraging segmentation tools to send to a total audience of fewer than 100,000 subscribers per campaign.

What should I do next?

If you’ve already sent a test message to yourself to make sure everything is working correctly, then you’re done!

Once your campaign starts sending, you can review conversions driven from your campaign by signing in to your Shopify store and viewing a report that breaks down conversions by channel. The conversions tied to the Sales Channel are those that came from Text-to-Buy.

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