Create a Text-to-Buy campaign

Before you begin: If you haven't done so already, set up Text-to-Buy for your brand.

With Text-to-Buy, you can create and send one-time message campaigns that allow your subscribers to complete their purchase via text message. After a subscriber responds with the branded keyword that you configure, they enter the first-time or returning subscriber experience. When complete, they receive an order confirmation message with product and shipping information. 

Click on the gifs below to see the process for first-time and returning buyers:

First-time buyer experience Returning buyer experience



Create a Text-to-Buy campaign

Follow the instructions below to create and design your Text-to-Buy campaign. We recommend reviewing and testing the campaign before you send it to subscribers

  1. On the Campaigns page, click + Create campaign.
  2. Click the Text-to-Buy tile, and then click Continue.
  3. On the Set up your Text-to-Buy campaign page, fill out the following fields to configure internal information and settings:
    • Text-to-buy campaign name: Enter an internal-facing name of the campaign.
    • Who will you send this Text-to-Buy campaign to?: Select or exclude subscriber segments that will receive this campaign.
    • Tags: Optionally, enter one or more tags for your campaign.
    • Do you want to use Smart Sending?: Select Use smart sending to turn on Smart Sending for this campaign. 
  4.  Click Save & continue to start configuring your campaign. 
  5. On the Configure your campaign page, fill out the following fields to select which products and offers you'd like to include. Then, configure the response keyword that initiates the transaction. 
    • What product will you sell?: Select or search for the product you want to sell. You can choose from any product on your Shopify store. We strongly recommend reviewing our Text-to-Buy best practices for guidance on which product to select.
    • Do you want to offer a discount?: Mark the Offer a discount checkbox to apply a dollar amount or percent off discount to purchases associated with this campaign. 
    • Enter the response keyword: This is the keyword subscribers must send to initiate the purchase. You’ll get the best results if your keyword is 7 characters or less.
  6. Click Save & continue to start designing the message. 
  7. On the Design your campaign page, design the campaign. When you're satisfied, click Save & continue.
  8. Review and test your Text-to-Buy campaign
  9. When you're satisfied, click Choose send time and send the campaign to your subscribers.

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