Best practices: Selecting the best products for Text-to-Buy campaigns

Before you begin: This article highlights some of the most important factors in building a successful Text-to-Buy campaign, and it assumes that you’re already familiar with how Text-to-Buy campaigns and that you’ve already completed the setup process for your brand. If you haven’t yet, you may want to check out the following before proceeding:

You will not be able to send a Text-to-Buy campaign until you’ve completed setting up Text-to-Buy for your brand.

Throughout our testing of Text-to-Buy, we’ve seen a number of products perform exceptionally well. We’ve put together the following list of top-performing attributes that we recommend that you align with when choosing a product for a Text-to-Buy Campaign.

Pro tip: When first launching with Text-to-Buy, we recommend testing out 1 or 2 products targeted to relevant subsets of subscribers (ie. past purchasers of those products).

Use this guide for help determining which products to include, and how to position them. 

Promote a replenishment or complementary item

In the example below, Bonni Beauty retargets subscribers who've purchased their skin care product with a 25% off discount for replenishment. 


Incorporate products that are under $50

We recommend that the products in your Text-to-Buy campaign cost under $50 with a discount applied.

For example, a single bracelet will perform significantly better with Text-to-Buy than a product, like an expensive dress, due to the fact that customers will require less product research to make a decision to purchase.


Note: Due to the fact that product variants have to be pre-selected before a message is sent, either choose a product in it’s most popular variant (i.e. color), or choose a product that only has one variant.

Make sure the products are easy to understand

When you select products for your campaign, make sure that the image and simple copy can fully portray the product to the subscriber. 



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