Best practices: Optimize Text-to-Buy messages

Before you begin: This article highlights some of the most important factors in building a successful Text-to-Buy campaign, and it assumes that you’re already familiar with how Text-to-Buy campaigns and that you’ve already completed the setup process for your brand. If you haven’t yet, you may want to check out the following before proceeding:

You will not be able to send a Text-to-Buy campaign until you’ve completed setting up Text-to-Buy for your brand.

As you create your Text-to-Buy campaign, use this guide to implement best practices for converting subscribers to buyers. 

Keep messaging concise

Concise messaging performs higher on Text-to-Buy campaigns while decreasing the chances of subscriber confusion. Because of this, we recommend that you keep your keyword short, and include shipping in your product price. 


When possible, use keywords that aren't auto-corrected

Because keywords are case-sensitive and must be exact, it’s important that you choose keywords that won’t be auto-corrected by mobile devices.


Urgency drives conversions


Urgency has proven to be one of the most effective tools when pushing customers toward a CTA. You can add urgency to your messages with text such as:

  • While supplies last!
  • Today only!
  • Ending soon!
  • Limited time only!

Use capitalization as a tool


As you determine what to capitalize and how, keep these in mind:

  • Use capitalization sparingly.
  • When capitalizing your keyword, make sure it's the only word that's capitalized in your CTA.
  • Outside of your CTA, only fully capitalize one word per message.  

Use personalized keywords

When you configure your keyword, make sure that it's relevant and personalized as presonalized, branded keywords (e.g., SMILE or CLEANSER) perform significantly better than the generic ones (e.,g., BUY or SHOP). 


Always include pricing and format it consistently

The single most common cause of checkout abandonment is the lack of clarity around pricing and fees. While there are many ways to format pricing/discounts, we recommend the following to mitigate  customer confusion:

Scenario Format

Discount [A]

...get our bestselling [Product] for just [Price] ([% Discount] off) + shipping!

Discount [B] ...get our bestselling [Product] for just [Price] (saving you [$ Amount]) plus shipping!

Include the CTA in a separate line


Similar to other marketing channels, it is important to ensure your subscribers know what to do after engaging with your content. We’ve found that putting the CTA on a separate line helps the CTA stand out and improves buyer conversion.

Optimize media

Images and GIFs highly impact Text-to-Buy campaigns. As you incorporate media in your campaign, we recommend that you take advantage of these visual practices:

  • Use GIFs instead of static images: This has proven to significantly increase buyer conversion.
  • Optimally size your images and GIFs: To ensure consistent display across devices, GIFs should be either 480 x 480 px or 480 x 640 px. See the image below for additional measurements.
  • Include copy that reiterates the action the user should take: We recommend incorporating a keyword to help reduce confusion and increase conversion.
  • Keep in mind that subscribers don’t have a traditional checkout experience: We recommend including descriptive language and a clear explanation of the deal that they are receiving. In the example below, the coffee can contains text that describes what the offer applies to.


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