Understand your personalized homepage

Attentive's mobile-first, personalized homepage delivers the insights, guidance, and data you need to understand your program's performance.


Here are the most important features of your personalized homepage:

  1. Notifications: A number appears next to the bell icon to indicate the number of unread notifications.
  2. Performance: Important metrics about your program’s performance. You can use the dropdown to change the time frame. You can also click View Analytics to access the Analytics Dashboard.

    The Performance section includes the following tiles:
    • Revenue: The total amount of revenue generated in the selected time frame. Revenue is also broken down into revenue from campaigns and journeys below the total amount.
    • New SMS subscribers: The count and percentage difference of new subscribers you've gained during the selected time period. You'll also see the average unsubscribe rate for messages sent within that period. Keep in mind that the total subscriber count, shown at the bottom of the tile, is a snapshot that shows the current number of subscribers, not the number of subscribers in the selected time frame.
    • SMS Conversions: Overall conversions represented as both a total amount and a percentage. CVR is also broken down into campaigns and journeys.
  3. Recent campaigns: Your five most recent campaigns, along with performance metrics for each. Click View all campaigns to see all of your campaigns and create new campaigns.
  4. Top journeys: Your top five journeys, along with performance metrics for each. Click View all journeys to see all of your journeys and create new journeys.
  5. Tips & announcements: Valuable information from your Attentive team, including blog posts and links to more information that can help you make the most of your Attentive messaging program.

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