FAQs: Contact cards

What are contact cards?

Contact cards contain your company's contact information and let subscribers save your number as a contact in their phones with an associated image and other information.

Does sending a contact card count as sending an MMS?

Yes - sending a contact card does count as sending an MMS message.

Do you need to have a dedicated phone number in order to have contact cards?

Yes - you must have a dedicated phone number in order to create and send your own branded contact card. For more information about dedicated phone numbers, contact your dedicated Client Strategy Manager (CSM) at Attentive.

Does adding your name and tagline reduce the message character count?  

No - information in the contact card doesn’t reduce the message character count. 

Does adding a logo mean every text will be considered an MMS message?

No - only the initial text message, which includes the contact card attachment, counts as an MMS message. 

Are contact cards supported on all devices?

Yes - virtual contact cards are supported on all devices with the exception of a small number of older Android phones. However, we're seeing that all current models (e.g., Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel) do support this feature.

Is there a way to track the number of subscribers who add a contact card?

Since a contact card is added on a subscriber’s own device, there’s no way to track if the contact card gets added. A good analogy is if you were to send a photo to your friend by text, there’s no way to tell if your friend saved the photo. This is the same for contact cards.

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