Message Details report

What is the Message Details report?

The Message Details report lets you access your detailed message counts in the Attentive platform to give you the data you need to effectively reconcile your invoices. With this functionality you can:

  • Pull personalized on-demand reports with in-app access to pull one-time reports or schedule reports to be sent automatically on a regular basis

  • Reconcile recent invoices through self-service access to message send volume to give clients the confidence in knowing that their invoice matches the number of messages sent

What type of data is included in the Message Details report?

A detailed breakdown of your message send volume by the number of messages sent and received, message type, and day.

What types of messages are included in the Message Details report?

The report includes all campaign and triggered messages sent, as well as all received messages.

Will I be able to use this report to calculate my message spend and track my budget?

Some customers may be eligible for a more detailed report including message costs and carrier fee charges, depending on their pricing agreement. Contact our White Glove team ( for details.

How up-to-date is the report?

There is a delay of up to two hours for messages to be included in the report. For example, messages sent at 2:00 pm will be reflected in the report by 4:00 pm.

How does the report match up to my invoice?

To compare the data in this report to an invoice, first generate the report for the same period as the invoice you wish to compare to. The image and non-image segment counts on your invoice will match the total MMS and SMS message counts in the Summary tab of the report. The Summary tab breaks down these counts by Campaign, Automated, and Received messages. Day-by-day details for each type are shown in additional tabs in the report.

What date range can I generate a report for?

Reports can be generated for May 1, 2020 through the present. The report will not contain any data for dates prior to this.

What is not included in my report?

This report does not include:

  • Per-message or total costs
  • Charges for base fees or dedicated short codes
  • Carrier fees
  • Any credits applied to your invoice

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