Billable Spend report

What is the Billable Spend report?

The Billable Spend report gives you access to your per-message costs and carrier fees in the Attentive platform to give you the data you need to track and optimize your month-to-date text message spend. With this functionality you can:

  • Pull personalized on-demand reports with in-app access to pull one-time reports or schedule reports to be sent automatically on a regular basis

  • Manage your monthly text messaging budget, plan what messages to send, and anticipate monthly bills

What type of data is included in the Billable Spend report?

A detailed breakdown of your per-message costs and carrier fees.

What types of messages are included in the Billable Spend report?

The report includes all campaign and triggered messages sent, as well as all received messages.

What isn't included in my report?

This report doesn't include:

  • Base fee charges
  • Shortcode fee charges
  • Charges to meet quarterly commitments
  • Any credits applied to your invoice

How up-to-date is the report?

There is a delay of up to two hours for messages to be included in the report. For example, messages sent at 2:00pm are reflected in the report by 4:00pm.

How does the report match up to my invoice?

To compare the data in this report to an invoice, first generate the report for the same period as the invoice you wish to compare to.

  • The image and non-image segment counts on the invoice match the total MMS and SMS message counts on the Summary tab of the report.
  • Similarly, the image and non-image costs on the invoice match the MMS and SMS message costs on the Summary tab of the report.

Additionally, the carrier fees cost line items on the invoice match the amounts shown on the Carrier Fees by Carrier tab of the report.

The Summary tab breaks down these message counts and costs by Campaign, Triggered, and Received messages. Day-by-day details for each type are shown on additional tabs in the report.

What date range can I generate a report for?

You can generate reports for July 1, 2020 through the present. Reports don't contain any data for dates prior to this.

Why are some of my campaigns showing as two segments even though there are fewer than 160 characters?

The character count shown in Campaign Spend Details doesn't account for the six additional characters that are added to the end of the message link (used to track subscriber-level engagement). The character count and segment count are reflected accurately when you're composing and reviewing the message, so you'll know how many segments you're being billed for.

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