Segmentation: High ROI segments

Read this article to learn about some key segments that will help target and personalize your messages to increase your ROI. All these segments are great starting points, but every business is different. Experiment with what works best for your SMS program and build more targeted audiences. 

You can review the basics in this article: Create a dynamic segment

Recent subscribers who haven’t purchased

Subscribers who have signed up to receive your text messages recently but haven’t purchased anything yet are a great opportunity to generate more revenue.


High-intent shoppers*

Subscribers who have viewed or added a product to their cart but haven’t purchased yet are clearly interested in your products. Sending a follow-up to this group is likely to generate purchases you may have otherwise missed. 

* Be sure to adhere to Carrier Guidelines with this segment type.


Active and engaged subscribers

Subscribers who click on links and visit your store are some of your best potential purchasers. Keep them engaged by communicating with them on a regular basis. hi_roi_segments_3.png


Anytime you're doing local promotions, have weather-dependent products, or other location-based marketing ideas, you want to target your messages to subscribers in the right locations by creating segments of subscribers in specific areas. 



Your best customers deserve to be treated special. Create criteria for VIP customers based on number of purchases, message engagement, total spend, etc. No matter how you choose to define your VIP group, make sure they get extra discounts, sneak peeks on new products, and other perks.  


To learn more, see the topics in How to segment your subscriber list

Carrier guidelines for abandonment messages

See Carrier guidelines for abandonment messages.


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