Launch your Attentive program!

Get started on your SMS marketing journey by launching your Attentive program! Follow this guide to get started as quickly as possible.

Before you begin

You’ll be guided through all the steps, but having these things handy before you start will help accelerate the process!

  • Links to your brand’s terms of service and privacy policy*
  • Sign-in credentials, API keys, and other details so you can set up eComm and ESP integrations (such as Shopify and Klaviyo)**
  • A logo for your brand. We support both a primary and secondary logo – but don’t require both. You’ll get the best results with one dark logo for light backgrounds, and one light logo for dark backgrounds.
  • A primary and secondary font. If you’re using Google Fonts, you can select them directly in Attentive, or you can also upload custom font files.
  • Your brand colors. You’ll get the best results if you know the hex codes for each color.

* Note: If your company doesn't have a privacy policy or terms of service, Shopify offers these generators: Shopify Privacy Policy and Shopify Terms & Conditions. Please note, this is not legal advice, and you should consult your own counsel about your company’s terms of service and privacy policy.

**Note: We have a rich array of integrations available. Your personalized checklist will display the selections you make in the Connect to other tools section. For information on connecting, see our App Marketplace documentation.

Create your Attentive account

Your first step is to create your Attentive account.

  1. Click Get Started in the body of the email you’ve received with the subject line Time to Get Started with Attentive!.
  2. Create a password, then click Next.
  3. On the Review and complete your company profile page, enter your company’s information:
      • Company display name: Enter your company name, which subscribers will see in each message
      • Company website: The URL of your company’s homepage
      • Company billing address: Enter the address associated with your billing department
      • Company timezone: Enter the timezone of your office location. This is used when displaying date / time on our platform.
      • Your company’s privacy policy URL*: Enter a public link to your company’s privacy policy; this will be used to generate compliance language for your program. (This will be linked in the Messaging Terms and Privacy Policy.)
      • Your company’s terms of service URL*: Enter a public link to your company’s terms of service; this will be used to generate compliance language for your program. (This will be linked in the Messaging Terms.)
      • Attentive shortlink: This field allows Attentive to map customer behavior so you can send the most appropriate triggered messages and to track metrics such as clicks and conversions. It’s pre-populated as {companydomain}, where companydomain is customizable to your company name. We recommend a shorter name for character count.
  4. Click Next.

Connect to other tools

On the Tell us a little about your business page, you can select the tools you’re integrated with such as your eCommerce platform and email service provider (ESP).


Note: You can select one eCommerce platform and one ESP.

  1. In the section labeled Which ecommerce platform do you use?, select your eCommerce platform.
  2. In the section labeled Which ESP do you use, select your email service provider.
  3. (Optional) In the section labeled Which other services do you use?, select each applicable service.
  4. Click Finish.

Note: The eCommerce, ESP, and other selections you’ve made will determine the next steps you’ll need to complete your onboarding checklist.

Congratulations! You have successfully created your account. Your personalized launch checklist page appears. You’ll see that Create your account is marked complete!


Connect your integrations

After you’ve selected the integrations you use, you can set up these integrations directly from the personalized launch checklist or from the App Marketplace section of our platform. For information on connecting to other integrations, see our App Marketplace documentation.

Note: These steps are customized to your selections.

Review your offer

Next step on your checklist: review the default offer that has been set up for you.

  1. Click Review your offer. The Offers page appears.
  2. You’ll find your default offer has been set up for you on this page. If you want to make changes to this default offer, you can follow the procedures in our Quick Reference Guide: Working with Offers.
  3. This offer can be included in the initial message you send to new signups. Make sure that the offer you create in Attentive is an active promo code in your eCommerce tool.
  4. Click Home on the side navigation bar to return to your checklist. Review Offers is marked complete!

Create your default welcome journey

Next step on your checklist: create a default welcome journey for your new subscribers.

    1. Click Create your default welcome journey on the checklist.
    2. Click Create Welcome Journey. The Journeys page appears.
    3. Click Use template. The Journey builder page appears with a Welcome New Subscribers template already chosen.

Note: A welcome journey greets new subscribers after they’ve signed up for your text program. Attentive’s best practices are built into the template, and it was designed with compliance in mind.

4. Review the welcome message and make any updates.

Note: We recommend that you nudge a new subscriber who hasn’t made a purchase using their coupon within 24 hours of subscribing. There is more information about welcome journeys in our Quick Reference Guide: Create a welcome journey.

5. Once you are happy with the journey, click Turn on to activate the welcome journey.

6. Click Home on the side navigation bar to return to your checklist. Create your default welcome journey is marked complete!


Customize your brand styles

Next step on your checklist: Open the customize your brand styles step.

  1. Click the Customize your brand styles button. The Edit Brand Styles page appears.

  2. In the Logos section, upload your logo with transparent backgrounds: one for light backgrounds and one for dark backgrounds (if available).

Note: Logos should be in the form of png files that are at least 24px tall.

3. In the Fonts section, add a Primary Font and a Secondary Font (if available).

Note: You can select from available Google fonts, or upload the following files: .ttf, .woff, .woff2, or .otf

4. In the Colors section, add colors to be applied to all sign-up units.

5. Click Save. You'll be able to edit these styles in the future by going to the Brand Assets page. For more information, see Edit brand styles.

6. Click Home on the side navigation bar to return to your checklist. Customize your brand styles is marked complete!

Review and activate your sign-up units

Final step! You can use a ready-to-launch template to customize and schedule your first sign-up unit.

Note: You should use templates to create two sign-up units: one desktop full screen and one mobile full screen.

  1. Click Review and activate your sign-up units. The Templates page appears.
  2. Click Start with template to begin.


  3. Select an offer from the Offer menu, which you set up earlier in the checklist.
  4. Select the welcome Journey from the SMS Welcome Journey menu.
  5. In the Display rules section, customize how and when the sign-up unit will display.
  6. Optionally, upload a Background image to display behind the text and fields on your sign-up unit.
  7. When you are satisfied, click Activate now to activate the sign-up units.

Note: You must have an active eCommerce integration (such as Shopify) installed or have the Attentive tag implemented on your site in order for the sign-up units to display.

You've successfully onboarded and you're ready to start using your Attentive program!




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