Best practices: Campaign message design

When designing your campaign, we recommend adopting these best practices to engage more subscribers. 

Include a short link

Short links give your subscribers a direct way to engage with your content. Whether you're linking to a specific product or a page of special offers, you should always include a short link in your campaign message. 

Personalize message copy with subscriber details

Incorporate dynamic content in your messages to personalize the subscriber experience. When you place a macro in the message, subscribers see personalized information such as their name, a product they recently viewed, or order information.

Note: Only use curly brackets ({ }) in campaign messages as part of a dynamic variable or link, like {{offer.code}}. Otherwise, your message won’t be sent. For example, a message with the text {Hurry! Our sale ends soon} won’t be sent, but a message with the text Use code {{offer.code}} will be sent.

Include an incentive or offer

Offers and discounts can help convert subscribers into buyers, successfully impacting your campaign. 

Incorporate media in your message

Most subscribers say that they are more likely to purchase products if a message includes a GIF, image, or video. For more information, see: FAQs: MMS messages

Test your campaign

Before sending your message to subscribers, we recommend sending it to yourself to test the end-user experience. Then, schedule the campaign. You can make additional changes until your last subscriber receives it. 

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