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If you have an active Meta Pixel account and dashboard, you can use it to track Attentive sign-up unit events.

Attentive’s third-party tracking sends events directly to Meta Pixel; you don’t need to perform any custom configurations. Use this guide to set up Meta Pixel and begin receiving events from Attentive.

Set up Meta Pixel on your site

If you haven’t already set up Meta Pixel on your site, see the resources below to get started:

Set up your Meta Pixel dashboard to receive Attentive events

After you add Meta Pixel to your site, follow these steps to start receiving Attentive events.

  1. On the Meta Pixel Settings page, retrieve your Pixel ID.
  2. Contact your Attentive CSM to let them know you want to begin tracking your list growth events on your Meta Pixel dashboard. Make sure to include your Pixel ID.
  3. (Optional) Let your CSM know if you want to customize the event names on your dashboard. By default, the names are:
    • ViewContent (Impression)
    • Contact (Email submission)
    • Lead (SMS submission)
    • Close (close)
    • Expand (expand)

Access Attentive events in Meta Pixel

To view your Attentive events on the dashboard, from the left menu of, select More Tools > Events Manager.



We’re here to help! Contact our White Glove team ( to ask about the Attentive + Meta Pixel integration.

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