After a user opts in to become a subscriber, Attentive can send data collected from your site about the subscriber to your organization. You have the option to send this information in real-time or batched together as one file and delivered to you at a regular cadence. See Postback delivery options for more details.

Depending on your integration, the following table outlines the data that Attentive can capture and deliver to your organization:

Category Description
Attribution data Metrics that include the number of conversions and conversion rates (CVR)
Behavioral data Metrics collected through the Attentive tag. For example, this can include site visits, product details page views, added to cart, reached checkout, and purchase data.
Message data Metrics around message performance, such as recipients, clicks, click through rates (CTR), number of conversions, or conversion rates (CVR)
Sign-up data Metrics around sign-up performance. This can include total sign-ups per day (broken down by sign-up unit type, sign-up unit ID, and so on), phone numbers of subscribers over a certain period of time, and much more.
User-supplied data This is data that the user submits. For example, gender, email address, date of birth, store location preferences, and so on. Note that this data varies based on client requirements.
Event data Attentive can track various types of events, along with their corresponding data points. The following list outlines events that Attentive can track:
  • SMS Opt-in
  • SMS Opt-out
  • Email Save (captured through Attentive sign-up units)
  • Message Receipt
  • Message Link Click
  • Creative Click (prior to opting-in for SMS)
  • Creative Impressions
For more information on the data points that can be provided, see Attentive SFTP data feeds.

Postback delivery options

Contact your account manager at Attentive to configure the duration of the postback and whether you prefer real-time or batched data. Real-time data only includes message events, email capture, and phone capture.

Batched data is typically delivered in CSV format and can be delivered through one of the following methods, depending on your preference:

  • Email—Attentive can send you an email at regular intervals (daily or weekly) with the CSV file attached.
  • SFTP—Attentive can upload a file to a Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) of your choosing. Note that Attentive can host the SFTP on your behalf.
  • S3 bucket—Attentive can upload a file to our Amazon AWS S3 bucket and then provision access to your organization.

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