App review process and stages

For your app to move from in-development to Generally Available (GA), it must go through an Attentive review process and beta period. This article outlines each stage of your app’s creation, distribution, publication, and review, along with the respective requirements.


The first step in creating either a public or private app is to create a Custom app. If only you (the creator) are going to use it, then after you set the API scopes and create the API key, you can immediately start using it.

Note: If your app will only be used by you and not shared, you don’t need to generate a distribution URL or fill out the Publish App tab.

To learn more about how to create a custom app, see Create and manage custom apps.


An Unlisted app is one that you’re building for multiple customers to leverage but that either you haven’t yet submitted for app review or that hasn’t yet met the requirements to move into beta. Even though the app is still hidden in the Attentive Marketplace at this point, other customers can still install it from your platform via the Distribution URL.

In order for your app to be accessible to multiple customers, and thus eligible to be public on the Attentive Marketplace tab, you must complete these steps:

  1. Generate a Distribution URL on the Manage distribution tab of the app.
    This indicates that OAuth is being enabled and makes the app shareable across the Attentive Marketplace.
  2. Once you’re done developing the app and are ready to submit it for review, click Submit for beta at the bottom of the completed Publish app tab.
    Note: Only submit for beta if you want the app to be visible to all Attentive clients in the Marketplace.


When an app is in Beta, the app appears in the Attentive Marketplace, but anyone wanting to install it still needs to request the installation URL from you via your contact email.

For your app to be considered in Beta, it must meet the following criteria:

  • 5+ installations of the app
  • 3+ customers using the app’s data in the product, which includes:
    • Using the app’s journey
    • Creating a segment using the app’s data
  • Publish app tab completed
  • OAuth authentication developed and tested
  • Video walkthrough of installation process and utilization of the app provided

Generally Available

Once your app is approved for GA, it becomes public and can be installed directly from the Attentive Marketplace.

For your app to move from Beta to Generally Available, it must meet the following criteria:

  • Criteria for Beta
  • 10+ total installations of the app
  • 5+ total customers using the app’s data in the product, which includes:
    • Using the app’s journey
    • Creating a segment using the app’s data

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