Klaviyo + Attentive identity boost guide

By adding the klaviyo_id as a UTM to the links in your Klaviyo emails, we can better identify your email subscribers when they browse your site, which increases the volume of messages you can send.

Setup instructions

To add a UTM parameter to all Klaviyo links that show up in emails, complete the following steps in Klaviyo:

  1. In the lower-left corner, click your site’s name.
  2. Select Settings in the popup menu.
  3. Click Other.
  4. Select UTM Tracking.
    Adding Klaviyo ID as a custom UTM parameter in Klaviyo.
  5. Click + Add a custom UTM parameter. This creates a new row. Enter the following in the new row:
    • UTM parameter: Enter "utm_klaviyo_id".
    • Campaign Value: Select Klaviyo profile ID.
    • Flow Value: Select Klaviyo profile ID.
  6. Make sure Automatically add UTM parameters to links is enabled.
  7. Click Update UTM Tracking Settings to save the new settings.

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