Add custom link tracking parameters to campaign text messages

You can add link tracking parameters to all links in campaign text messages to help you better track performance and subscriber actions.

For example, you can add a link tracking parameter like event=holiday_sale to a campaign message announcing a holiday sale to differentiate it from other kinds of campaign messages, like those for newsletters or product announcements.

In addition to freeform text, you can also use variables like {{message.messageId}} as values in link tracking parameters.

Add link tracking parameters to a campaign text message

Follow these steps to add link tracking parameters to a text message:

  1. Create or edit a text message in a campaign.
  2. Add or edit a shortlink in a campaign text message.
  3. Click + Add a custom link parameter.
  4. Enter a parameter Name and Value. For example, to add a parameter to track an email message for a holiday sale, enter event as its Name and holiday_sale as its Value.
    • In addition to static values, you can also add variables, like {{}}. Click { } to add a variable.
    • If Enable Google Analytics Link Tracking is turned on, a parameter named utm_campaign is automatically created for you. Click the checkbox to turn it on or off. If it’s turned on, be sure to add a value.
    • You can combine freeform text and multiple variables in a value. For example: holiday_sale_{{message.messageId}}_{{message.messageName}}
  5. (Optional) Click + Add a custom link parameter to create additional parameters.
  6. (Optional) Click the X next to a parameter to remove it.
  7. Click Save.

Animation showing creation of a link tracking parameter for a text message for a seasonal campaign.

Add variables to link tracking parameters

In addition to static values, you can also add variables to link tracking parameter values. This allows you to track performance of specific messages and by individual subscribers.

The following variables are supported:

Variable Description
{{message.messageId}} The individual ID of the message in Attentive that this parameter is appended to.
{{message.messageName}} The name of the message at send time in Attentive that this parameter is appended to.
{{message.messageType}} The type of message this parameter is appended to (concierge, marketing, or transactional).
{{}} The email address of the subscriber an individual message was sent to.

For example, a text message is sent with the following link tracking parameters:

Name Value
event holiday_sale
id {{message.messageId}}
email {{}}

If the messageID is 1234567 and the subscriber’s email address is, then the URL will look like this:

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