FAQs: Offers in campaigns

With offers, you can add existing promo codes and discounts directly to your campaign messages.  Offers allow you to further incentivize subscribers to stay subscribed, and promote discounts at larger scales. This has shown to improve click-through rates and conversions as well as boost revenue. Use the guide below to address common questions around adding offers to your campaigns: 

Can I use auto-apply links in a campaign?

Yes! You’ll need to set up the auto-apply link within the offer before you add the offer it to a campaign, but once you select an offer with an auto-apply-link you’ll see the option to use the {couponLink} in your campaign. For more, check out step 5 in Create an offer.

What happens if an offer runs out?

If an offer used in a campaign runs out, the campaign is paused. You can either replenish the existing offer or add a new offer, and then unpause your campaign.

Can I include a coupon display screen (CDS)?

No. Currently, you can include the {coupon} macro in your campaigns.

Can I add offers to any of my campaign messages?

Yes! You can add them to both one-time campaigns and A/B test campaigns.

Can I include both types of offers in my campaigns?

Yes! However, note that auto-generated coupons are incompatible with campaigns. You'll have to use static offers instead.

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