Best practices: Post purchase messages

Retaining existing customers costs about five times less than acquiring a new one. A post-purchase message is extremely valuable considering these shoppers have already shown intent to buy from your brand. Set this up as an automated message sent to subscribers after they purchase a product and time it for when a product has already arrived so the customer has time to experience their purchase. 

  • A post-purchase message is great for promoting a loyalty or rewards program or for tracking existing loyalty points.
  • You can also use this type of triggered message to mention new arrivals and incentivize repeat purchases with a discount, offer, or recommended products based on past orders.

If you have product reviews on your website, a post-purchase message can be used to encourage the shopper to leave a review of their most recent purchase:

  • 15.9% of consumers who purchase clothing digitally say that their most valued website feature is customer reviews.
  • 68% of Gen Z internet users say they read three or more reviews before making a first-time purchase. 
  • For Prime Day, shoppers plan to rely on online reviews to inform their purchase decisions, with 41% reporting that this was their primary method for planning out their “Black Friday in July” shopping.

Here are some options for strong Post-Purchase messages:

  • Thanks for your order! Join X Rewards to earn points & get rewarded with early access, free shipping & more. 
  • Have your eye on something? Snag your wantlist today with free shipping over $40 and easy returns!
  • Were you into your last order? OMG THANKS SO MUCH! (Assuming you said yes.) We think you'll love our latest collection:

Post-Purchase Messages, By the Numbers:

  • Post-Purchase Avg. CTR: 24%
  • Post-Purchase Avg. CVR: 10%
  • Post-Purchase Avg. Revenue/Send: $2.50

BONUS💡Pro tip: Wait at least a week (using your average shipping times) after the product arrives before sending a post-purchase text message.

Quiet hours

Quiet hours apply to triggered messages. If a message is triggered during your quiet hours (recipient's local time), the delivery will be delayed until the quiet hours are over. If a campaign message is scheduled to be sent during your set quiet hours, a warning will pop up to alert you of this before proceeding. If you want to make adjustments to your quiet hours, you can do so in the Settings tab. To learn how, see Quiet Hours.


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