Best practices: Cart abandonment journeys

Here’s the bad news: Cart abandonment is a serious problem for online retailers. 74.2% of consumers on e-commerce websites abandon a cart prior to purchasing, equating to well over $4 trillion in lost transactions each year. Now, here’s the good news: 63% of that is potentially recoverable.

While abandoned online shopping carts represent lost revenue that impacts your bottom line, a well-timed cart abandonment reminder sent via text is an effective way to re-engage high-intent shoppers. Fit this type of text message in between your existing touchpoints on email and web push notifications. Here are some tips:

  • Based on our experience with thousands of clients, we've found that shorter windows convert better, and recommend sending your cart abandonment message 15-60 minutes after the user abandons.
  • Use strong copywriting to maximize a sense of urgency.
  • Increase the chance for conversion by inserting a link to direct the shopper back to the cart page vs. your home page.

Here are some possible options for strong Cart Abandonment Reminder Messages:

  • The items in your cart are selling out fast Buy ‘em before someone else does! Use code: SMS20 at checkout NOW for 20% OFF your entire cart!
  • You're so close--complete your order now before {{}} is gone! 
  • Last chance: your cart is expiring! Get FREE shipping today: 
  • Hey, it looks like you forgot something in your cart. It's selling out fast so get it before it’s gone! Checkout now:

 Cart Abandonment Messages, By the Numbers:

  • Cart Abandonment Reminder Avg. CTR: 33%
  • Cart Abandonment Reminder Avg. CVR: 19%
  • Cart Abandonment Reminder Avg. Revenue/Send: $8.00

Carrier guidelines for cart abandonment messages

See Carrier guidelines for abandonment messages.

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