Smart Sending

Smart Sending limits how many marketing messages can be sent to the same subscriber over a period of time, preventing your messages from spamming the subscriber. Transactional messages ignore Smart Sending, and will continue sending even if the subscriber has received a message in the eight hours.

The default Smart Sending period is eight hours, which means that subscribers who have received a message from you within the last eight hours will be skipped.

You should know

  • If a subscriber sends you a message and triggers the autoresponder, the autoresponder will send them a message regardless of how Smart Sending or Quiet Hours are configured. However, only one autoresponder message will be sent every 24 hours.
  • You can disable Smart Sending for both journeys and campaigns, but we recommend keeping this feature on for campaigns and turning it off for journeys. You can set Smart Sending for individual journey messages in the message composer, and in the first step when creating a new campaign.
  • Welcome messages do not affect Smart Sending, but anything else in welcome journeys (such as contact cards) do affect Smart Sending.

Edit Smart Sending settings

  1. Go to the Settings tab and click Messages.
  2. In the Smart Sending section, select the maximum number of text messages to send within a specified period of time.

    Configuring Smart Sending to send up to 3 messages within 8 hours

  3. Click Save settings at the bottom of the page to save your preference.

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