Use cases: Offers in journeys

Heads up: this article details several use cases for using offers in journeys. If you haven’t yet, check out What are journeys? and Add an offer to a journey before diving into the use cases below.

Browse or cart abandonment use cases

Send a discount code and a prompt to encourage subscribers to convert into buyers.

  • Example messages: “It looks like you forgot something in your cart... To sweeten the deal, take 10% OFF at checkout today: {{offer.code}} Shop now: [link]”
    Example message with an offer in a cart abandonment journey.

Welcome journey use cases

If a subscriber doesn’t use the discount code you sent in your welcome journey, branch your journey multiple times with offers that escalate in value. Don’t forget to add wait steps in between!

Example messages:

  • Initial welcome message + discount code: “Welcome! Click here for your 15% OFF discount code: {{}}.”
  • Second nudge: “Still deciding? In case you missed it, use this 15% OFF {{offer.code}} at checkout. Shop now: [shortcode].”
  • Third nudge: “Still unsure? Would 20% OFF help?! Use code {{offer.code}}. Redeem now: [link]”

Post purchase use cases

Offer a discount code to encourage repeat purchases

  • Example message: “Thanks for your recent purchase! Here’s 10% off your next order: {{offer.code}} Shop now: [link]”
    Example message with an offer in a post-purchase journey.

Encourage a second purchase. If a subscriber hasn’t made a second purchase after a set number of days since their last purchase, send a discount code to encourage re-engagement!

  • Example message: “Where’d you go?! Seems like it’s been forever since you’ve been gone … so here’s 15% OFF! {{offer.code}} Shop now: [link]
    Example follow-up message with an offer in a post-purchase journey.

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