Add an offer to a journey

Heads up: this article details how to add an offer to a new or existing journey, and assumes that you’re familiar with how to build and activate a journey already. Need to catch up? Check out What are journeys? and Create a journey.

Add an offer to a journey

If you’ve added an offer to a welcome journey in the past, adding an offer to a journey is very similar.


Follow the instructions below to add an offer to your journey:

  1. Create a new or edit an existing journey.
  2. Click on a send text message step.
  3. Update the message to reference your offer, and then click the Offers icon.
  4. If the offer you want to include in the journey already exists, click Use an existing offer …
    And then click Select on the offer you want to include.
    : When you use dynamic offers, subscribers will receive a new offer with every message they receive.

    You can also click Create new to create and use a new offer.

  5. Select how subscribers should access the offer:
    1. Coupon code {coupon}
    2. Link to website with coupon applied {couponLink}
    3. Link to coupon screen {couponScreenLink}

      Note: You can only use one coupon screen at a time across all of your journeys. Contact your CSM if you have questions.

      When you’re done, click Save.
  6. The offer is now included in the text message. Don’t forget to activate your journey!

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