Add an offer to a journey

Heads up: this article details how to add an offer to a new or existing journey, and assumes that you’re familiar with how to build and activate a journey already. Need to catch up? Check out What are journeys? and Create a journey.

You should know

  • You can learn about different types of offers and how to create them here: Create offers.
  • You can't always use all offer types with all journeys. While you can use unique or shared discount codes with all journeys, you cannot use integrated offers like Shopify auto-gen offer codes for any journey that may trigger for multiple subscribers at the same time (Price Drop, Winback, Low Inventory, Joined a Segment, etc). This is because messages could get dropped if the offer depletes more quickly than it can be replenished.

Add an offer to a journey

  1. While signed in to Attentive, go to Journeys.
  2. Create a new journey or open an existing one.
  3. Click on a Send text message step.
  4. Click the j-add-offer-offer-icon.png Offer button, and then create a new offer or select an existing offer you’d like to use in your journey.
  5. Click on …
    1. {{offer.code}} to insert the offer code
    2. {{}} to insert a link with the offer already applied
  6. Optional, but strongly recommended: Update the copy of your message to reference your offer.
  7. When you’re done, click Save.
  8. The offer is now included in the text message. Don’t forget to activate your journey!

    Note: When you use the same unique or integrated offer in more than one journey, the code (previous vs. new) will be determined based on the distribution window.


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