Tealium tag integration

You can use Tealium’s iQ Tag Management system to add the Attentive tag to your website without editing code. As a reminder, in order to collect behavioral events (such as product views, cart adds, and purchases), you must add the Attentive tag to your website.


Contact our White Glove team (whiteglove@attentivemobile.com) or your Client Strategy Manager at Attentive for your organization's unique Attentive tag.

Add the Attentive tag using Tealium

After you've completed the prerequisite, follow these steps to implement the Attentive tag:

  1. Log in to your Tealium account.
  2. (Optional) Click your account name in the top-left corner and choose the desired Profile.
  3. Click Tags in the left-side navigation.
    The Tags page appears.
  4. Click + Add tag.
    The Tag Marketplace window appears.
  5. Enter the following in the search field: Tealium Generic Tag
  6. Click + Add in the row of the Tealium custom container, as shown in the previous image.
    The Tealium Generic Tag Tag Settings window appears.
  7. Enter a Title for your unique tag. For example, Attentive tag.
    Note: The title is an internal reference and isn't displayed on your site.
  8. Scroll to Type, click the drop-down menu, and select Script.
  9. Scroll to Base URL and enter the URL path for your unique Attentive tag (provided by your CSM or White Glove as described in the Prerequisite section) in the empty field. Don't enter https: in the field. In the following image, you can see that the user added their Attentive tag, //cdn.attn.tv/EXAMPLE/dtag.js. You should replace EXAMPLE with your domain.
  10. Click the Load Rules tab and ensure that the Load on All Pages option is selected. This is the default and doesn't require any changes when you're adding a new tag.
  11. Click Finish.
    The new tag appears on the Tags page. You can select the row of your tag to view the information you configured (as shown in the following image), or you can click Edit to update the tag.
  12. Click Save / Publish in the top-right corner.
    The Save / Publish window appears.
  13. Enter a Title for the version that includes the newly created tag and any additional Notes about the version for your record.
  14. Select the Publish To options relevant to your implementation. For example, the following options are available, by default:
    • Dev
    • QA
    • Prod
  15. Click Publish.
    The Attentive tag is now implemented and will load and execute on your website where the published Tealium profile is deployed.

Verify implementation of the tag

  1. Visit the URL of the site where you’ve implemented the Tealium tag. If the tag is implemented correctly, you'll see several network requests including https://cdn.attn.tv/attn.js
  2. Navigate to your cart or checkout pages to make sure the behavior in the previous step appears on all pages of the customer journey.
  3. Additionally, the tag appears in the Tealium Tools: Web Companion when it loads on the page.

For more information on Tealium’s iQ Tag Management system, see Using tags.

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