With the Attentive and Refersion integration, Attentive can receive phone numbers collected through your Refersion creative. This connection enables you to grow your subscribers list and send SMS referral messages through the Attentive messaging flow.

You can connect to our Subscribers API to programmatically add subscribers to your list. View the following parameters to understand the fields specific to the Refersion integration.


Parameter Description Example Type Required Notes
phone Phone number of a subscriber. 555-555-5555 string Required The phone attribute should be pulled dynamically based on what the user enters into the phone number capture form.

The unique identifier of the visitor.

See Retrieve Attentive Visitor ID for details.

1a2b3c4d5e6f7g8h9i0j string Optional  
metadata Additional details to append to the subscriber’s record, such as segmentation information.
Contact our White Glove team ( to ensure that this field is set up properly.
{"first_name":"John", "age":"30","prior_purchase_skus ":[ "17382", "29811", "19181" ], "source":"source"} string Optional Must be structured as an array. We can accept any key/value combinations.

(Optional) Retrieve Attentive Visitor ID

The Attentive Visitor ID attribute must be pulled dynamically from your website. It is stored as a cookie with the name __attentive_id. You can fetch this value using Javascript with the below code:

var attentiveVisitorId = document.cookie.replace(/(?:(?:^|.*;\s*)__attentive_id\s*=\s*([^;]*).*$)|^.*$/, "$1");

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