Overview: session abandonment journeys

This article assumes you’re familiar with how journeys work in Attentive. See What are journeys? for an introduction to journeys. If you’re interested in building journeys for specific products, see Branching in journeys

You can use session abandonment journeys to send messages to subscribers if they’ve visited your website but haven’t yet viewed a product. Session abandonment journeys allow you to capture top-of-funnel traffic to your website to drive even more revenue for your brand.

While similar to browse abandonment journeys, session abandonment journeys aren’t triggered when a subscriber visits a product page. Instead, subscribers enter this journey when they visit your homepage or any other URL on your website (other than product pages), and a message is sent only when subscribers haven’t viewed a product.

By default, session abandonment journeys target as many subscribers as possible, but you can exclude additional segments and add other conditions, like wait times. Subscribers who’ve already visited a product page on your website are automatically excluded from the journey.

Brands with active SMS session abandonment journeys have seen:

  • 7% average CTR
  • 13% average CVR
  • 13% median lift in abandonment triggered SMS revenue
  • 20x ROI

For email session abandonment journeys, brands have seen:

  • 46% unique email open rate
  • 1.7% email CVR
  • 14% median lift in total triggered email revenue
  • 22% median lift in abandonment triggered email revenue

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