Create a session abandonment journey

This article assumes you’re familiar with how journeys work in Attentive. See What are journeys? for an introduction to journeys. If you’re interested in building journeys for specific products, see Branching in journeys

Follow these steps to create a session abandonment journey:

  1. Go to Journeys.
  2. Click + Create journey.
  3. Click the Session Abandonment tile to use Attentive’s prebuilt journey.

    Note: If your brand is set up to use Attentive email, you can find tiles for prebuilt session abandonment journeys in the Text message and Multi-channel sections.
  4. Click Get started.
  5. Click Turn on to launch your journey now and start sending session abandonment messages. You can also click Schedule to set a future date and time to activate your journey.

For more information about how Attentive’s prebuilt session abandonment journeys are configured and our best practices for creating your own custom journeys, see Best practices: session abandonment journeys.

For more about driving revenue with session abandonment journeys, see Use cases: session abandonment journeys.

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