Connect Attentive with Zendesk to enable your customer support team to directly answer customers' text message responses. With this integration, all messages received from a customer through SMS are forwarded to your customer support team queue in Zendesk.

Attentive clients who quickly reply to customer questions through Zendesk see success metrics such as:

  • 31% more spend from customers who receive replies versus those who do not
  • Less text message opt-outs from customers who receive replies versus those who do not

Here's what we cover in this guide:

  • What information you must collect to configure the integration
  • How to set up the integration in Zendesk
  • How to generate an API authentication token in Zendesk
  • How to set up the integration in the Attentive platform
  • How to test the integration

Here's what we don't cover in this guide:

  • How to set up a Zendesk account
  • How to set up an Attentive account

Step 1. Collect information for the integration

Before you begin the integration process in both Zendesk and Attentive, confirm and collect the following information:

  • Verify that your organization is using a Professional or Enterprise Zendesk plan.
  • Create a Zendesk account with administrator access specifically for authenticating the integration, rather than using an individual user’s account. This ensures that your organization always has access to manage the integration.
  • Download the Attentive private app for Zendesk.
    • Note: You do not need to open and extract anything out of the private app zip file.
  • Contact our White Glove team (whiteglove@attentivemobile.com) at Attentive and ask for your Attentive API email and password.
    • Note: This is different from your standard Attentive username and password.

Step 2. Set up the integration in Zendesk

Install the Attentive app in Zendesk Support by completing the following steps:

  1. Log in to your Zendesk admin account.
  2. Complete the procedure to Upload and install a private app in Zendesk Support.

When you are prompted to select the zip file for your private app, select the Attentive private app that you downloaded in Step 1 and name the private app the following: Attentive Zendesk.

After the app is uploaded, enter the email and password (Attentive API email and password) that was provided by the White Glove team in Step 1.


Note: This is an email and password specifically for the integration and it is not your typical Attentive email and password. Do not select the Enable Role Restrictions or Enable Group Restrictions checkboxes.

If the app was installed successfully in your Zendesk account, it is listed in My Apps in the Currently Installed tab, as shown in the following image.


Step 3. Generate an API token in Zendesk

The next step is to generate an API authentication token to broker the connection between Attentive and Zendesk. To do so, complete the following procedure:

  1. Log in to your Zendesk Support account, if you’re not already logged in.
  2. Click Admin (the gear icon in the side navigation bar).
  3. Scroll to the Channels section and click API. The Settings tab appears for you to generate a token.
  4. Click Add API token. A new token is generated.
  5. Enter Attentive Zendesk in the API Token Description field, as shown in the following image.
  6. Copy the token that is automatically generated in the API Token field and paste it in a separate document. This token will be used when setting up the integration in Attentive.
    • Important! It is imperative that you save the API token before continuing to the next step because you cannot access this value again.
  7. Click Save.

Step 4. Set up the integration in Attentive

Now, complete the following procedure to set up the integration in Attentive’s platform:

  1. Navigate to the integration setup page and select Zendesk.
  2. Enter the following details that you collected in the previous steps:
    • User Email—This is your Zendesk administrator email address.
    • API Token—This is the token that you generated in Zendesk in Step 3.
    • Domain Name—This is the name of your Zendesk instance. For example, if your Zendesk URL is https://attentivemobile.zendesk.com/, your domain name is attentivemobile.
  3. (Optional) Edit the Support Confirmation setting. By default, this setting is enabled (on) and includes a default keyword and messages for the following fields:
    • Support Confirmation Keyword
    • Acknowledgement Message
    • Resolution Message

      Important! If this setting is enabled, you must update your autoresponder to include the Support Confirmation Keyword, otherwise customers won't know how to reply for support. See Autoresponders for details.
  4. (Optional) Edit the Remove agent signature setting. By default, this setting is disabled (off).
    • Note: If the Remove agent signature setting is enabled (on), the Signature delimiter setting appears. This setting enables you to use different characters (such as -- or | ) to specify boundaries between a reply and the agent signature.
  5. Click Set up integration. Your Zendesk account is now connected to Attentive.

Step 5. Test the integration

Your SMS program must be launched before this integration can start sending messages and before one can test the integration. After your SMS program is launched and if you just set up the integration, wait approximately ten minutes to allow for the settings in both systems to synchronize. Then, complete the following procedure to test the integration:

  1. Send a text message to your dedicated number.
  2. Verify that you received the auto response.
  3. (Optional) If the Support Confirmation setting is enabled (see details in Step 4), reply to the text with the keyword (for example, SUPPORT).
  4. Log in to Zendesk and confirm that a ticket was created.
  5. Reply to the ticket in Zendesk.
  6. Confirm that you receive the Zendesk response as a text message.


We’re here to help! Contact our White Glove team (whiteglove@attentivemobile.com) to ask about the Attentive + Zendesk integration.

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